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Q. Will my workers’ compensation case be closed after I return to work? After I receive an award?

A.  Unless you ‘close’ your case under Section 32 of the NYS WCL, (or are disqualified from receiving benefits), your case remains open for medical treatment within the medical treatment guidelines for the rest of your life; and up to eighteen (18) years from the accident date for possible further financial compensation. 


Q. Will I have any out of pocket expenses in my workers’ compensation claim?

A. Your doctors are not permitted to bill you directly or charge you.  If you have laid out monies for prescriptions, submit them to the insurance carrier for reimbursement, along with mileage reimbursement for trips to and from the doctor, hospital or therapy. 


Q. Will one of your attorneys be with me when I have a hearing at the WCB?

A. Definitely YES, and the insurance company will be sending their attorneys as well, so you need our representation.